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Once, there was jedi porn

once, there was jedi porn
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A fanfiction of epic proportions by nahemaraxe and la_bond_girl

A peek preview :

Qui-Gon fails to add Anakin Skywalker, aka the Chosen One, to his collection of pathetic life forms. Nine years later, Obi-Wan is sent to correct this mistake. Everyone gets more that they bargained for - lust, angst, jealousyfest, manly love, kinky sex of every gay flavor. Everybody loses something dear to them - a limb, virginity, a mind, a blanket, a reputation, a galaxy, a life.

Warnings : Slash. Ахтунг. Ratings from R to NC-17. Please read each chapter's warnings.

Updates : Whenever we are ready.

Credit : graphics by nahemaraxe

Betaed by leighm - much love and Hayden's upper half [the lower half belongs to Cris, sorry XD]. Ewan belongs to Swiss Miss, as it says on his hidden tattoo.

Comments : Love them. Please "watch" us, do not "join" us :)